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Lauren Gaba Flanagan

I'm a creative strategist + art director living and working in Los Angeles.

Presently, I'm the director of esports + gaming at United Entertainment Group, a DJE Company, where I'm responsible for strategically advising our corporate clients on how to enter esports and gaming credibly and creatively. In the three years prior to UEG, I helped create branded entertainment for corporate clients in the marketing group at talent agency CAA. For the better part of that time, I had been focused on how to meaningfully and strategically align esports with brands and, most recently, I worked on a launch campaign and promotional strategy for the inaugural season of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch League. 

I have played videogames since my late father bought me my first console in 1994: a Sega Genesis. I’ve always really cared about what it means to have a sense of play; whether it’s building LEGO or harvesting crops in Stardew Valley, I am happiest when I carve out time to access that innate desire to game.